Putting the Community First

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the team’s community relations initiatives and gain new perspective on the heart-warming tales that have become a hallmark of Maloof Sports & Entertainment’s impact on the Sacramento region.

For more than 12 years, Maloof Sports & Entertainment has been a contributing member of the Sacramento community. Whether it’s the annual Season of Giving during the holidays, implementing fitness timeouts or hosting pizza parties, through all of their initiatives the Kings organization has touched the lives of so many children and families in the region.

“I’ve had people tell me stories of how past donations have positively affected their son or daughter and how much they enjoy seeing us out in the community,” recalls Director of Community Relations Ivette Gonzalez.

For seven years, Gonzalez has been an intricate part of the Community Relations Department and has seen how the key programs have impacted the Sacramento area.

Implementing fitness throughout the community as part of the Kings Get Fit Program, giving children in need an opportunity to see Kings games through the Kings for the Community ticket program, and donating Kings reading and learning centers to local organizations in need are just a few of the programs designed to leave a lasting footprint in the community.

“The Sacramento Kings community initiatives are very well-rounded and serve the needs of many people, causes and organizations in the region,” says Community Relations Coordinator Katie Peterson.

Gonzalez added that because the ownership has such a strong belief in giving back to the community, Maloof Sports & Entertainment Team Members are also encouraged to participate in volunteer opportunities.

“Every year we close down the offices for a ‘day on’ instead of a ‘day off’ and hold our annual Cesar Chavez Day of Volunteerism,” she said.

Making sure these events are memorable requires active participation from all members within the organization as well as people throughout the community. From Slamson to Kings Dancers to MS&E Team Members, Breakers and Corporate Partners, everyone unites to volunteer time in an effort to create lasting memories and fulfill the dreams of those in need.

Recalling one of her fondest memories of working toward the betterment of the Sacramento community, Gonzalez shared the following story: During a recent Season of Giving, the Kings donated 500 bikes to children in need and worked with five different non-profit agencies to distribute them. Kings co-owners Joe and Gavin Maloof personally delivered the bicycles and other gifts to all the kids.

“Another cool part about the project was that we had our Team Members volunteer their time and assemble the 500 bicycles,” said Gonzalez.

The team’s selflessness doesn’t go unnoticed by other local leaders. The California Endowment’s Kim Williams recounted a special appreciation for Slamson’s presence at the unveiling of the MS&E-built new track at Will C. Wood Middle School earlier this year.

“I must say, the youth appeared to love Slamson the most,” she said, smiling. “The mascot was everywhere making people laugh, doing crazy stunts, taking pictures and signing autographs.”

Additionally, Williams shared praise for the organization’s professionalism.

“They treated everyone with kindness and tried as much as possible to make sure everyone who wanted to participate in the activities had the opportunity,” she recalled.

Peterson notes that an important characteristic of the team’s ever-active community efforts is a genuine enthusiasm for catering to customers.

“I have a passion for helping others, and it is clear that the Kings Community Relations Dept. has the same passion,” she said.

For more information about Kings in the Community, please connect with them online: Facebook.com/MSECares, or Twitter/MSECares.

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